Do I take the D700 or the D7000?

I just made the plunge to full frame. I bought new 3 year old technology at a steep discount and ended up with a Nikon D700. With the Nikon D800 just out and reaching store shelves, of course I had to ask myself if I should have bought that instead? The reviews are truly amazing, but at the end of the day 36mega pixels are just too many pixels for me. Having to pay more for a D800 and also having to upgrade my computer would have made it just too darn expensive.

Natalia Lynn MM2167558 - D7000 1/200th f4 iso200 70mm (Nikon 24-70) Manual
Natalia Lynn MM2167558 – D7000 1/200th f4 iso200 70mm (Nikon 24-70) Manual
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So what does a D700 give me that a D7000 (my current DX crop sensor body) doesn’t? For me the answer is simple, depth of filed (DOF) or lack of it. Its simply an amazing upgrade for a people shooter like myself. My last shoot with Model Natalia Lynn was done on my D7000. One of my objectives in the shoot was less depth of field (or that nice background blur), but with a D7000 which is a DX 1.5x crop sensor I found myself constantly having to stand way far back. To decrease DOF the formula is simple. Get closer to your subject and put distance between them and the background. Full frame lets you get closer with the same size lens (ie 70mm) simply because you need to fill more of the frame. That in turn helps you control perspective and depth of field.

D700 1/60th f2.8 iso640 70mm (Nikon 24-70) APmode
D700 1/60th f2.8 iso640 70mm (Nikon 24-70) APmode


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