I have too much stuff!

I was just thinking about the human condition of hunter gatherer. In modern times, it’s gathering a house, car, tools and sooo much stuff.  Of course its not that easy, you have to constantly maintain and keeping track of it.  I find myself sorting through more and more stuff.  Sometimes I need to buy even more stuff to manage the stuff that I have.  I watched my mother and mother-in law take different approaches.  My mother in law has lived in the same house for 40 years.  She has gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but in the end she is taking the approach of just living.  When she dies it will all be there.  My mother is taking the opposite approach.  I’m convinced that she will have sorted and gotten rid of everything before she dies.

I want to take my moms approach, but I love my stuff.  I hate sorting it, storing it and finding places for it.  I want to be a minimalist with all it’s advantages, but I like to be prepared.  What am I to do?

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