Sunday I went out and about on small self made photo tour of Seacoast NH – I was home off and on – releasing a snake with my kids in the middle – then back out for some more photos during the golden hour.  The very last shot of the day is the first on the lineup today.  Why? Because it looks cool and it’s better then my other shots. I have done other lighted signs before and they are really fun to shoot.  Someone has already done all the work for you.  They are lit-up with brilliant color, they don’t move, they are fantastically easy to shoot and they already convey a message. I took a single shot of this at late dusk from my car window – you can see the red of the sunset through the trees.  The colors are vivid and the focus sharp.

Newicks Seafood - Dover, NH
Dover, NH just after dusk in the golden hour (D90 f2.8 70mm ISO 280 1/60 - 24-70 lens)

Some things I really like about being on the seacoast is that we’re not overly crowded.  I was standing at the base to the former “bridge to nowhere” taking photos when I heard a car pull up beside me where I was standing.  I didn’t think much of it until I looked over.  It was my neighbor and his family.  He is into photography as well, but didn’t have a camera with him, but still got out with me and we explored the public section to the newly opened walkway on the bridge to somewhere.  A beautiful golden sunset shining on parts of it.  I chose this shot only because of the article from the middle of winter where it showed it completely chopped off.  The walkway is now open with tons of temporary safety fence.  One section on the main bridge they limit it to only 12 people at a time.  For real.

General Sullivan Bridge - Dover, NH (D90 f5 50mm ISO 200 1/100 - 24-70 lens)

Finally going in reverse order on my day, I also tried my hand at road race – well actually two.  Both started at the same time, but it takes a long time to run 13 miles, so I started the half marathon second and didn’t stay for the finish of the 5K.  That actually left me plenty of time to drive between the two, though I didn’t plan it that way, it just worked out. Not only is the seacoast small, but we’re still populated.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but its true. We supported a 5K race and a 13 mile half marathon that were both run at full capacity.

Exeter, NH Margaritas 5K Road Race (D90 f5.6 80mm ISO200 1/1250 24-70lens)

Hats off to people shooting races.  A few things… First you really need somewhere between 100-300mm to shoot a race well.  I had my Nikon 70-300 VR with me for some of it. I kept is dialed down below 220mm, not because I couldn’t’ use the extra reach, but because it gets really soft as you get closer to 300mm.  A few other things I learned is that if you were going to take photos of every runner the only way to even come close is to position yourself about 2/3rds of the way at the end of the race.  At the start there are too many people running too fast.  Once you get to a later stage of the race people have spread out quite a bit.  You’re also going to need a second camera and a bunch of memory cards.  Again thats only if you are trying to shoot every single person that comes by.

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