Virgil’s Great Age of Standardization

It drives me nuts that we dont’ have enough standards for common things in the world. Some things like you power plug in your house is standard, but only within a country. Well, unless you are Japan where they have two “standards” in one country – East Japan is 50 Hz, while West Japan 60 Hz. This is actually contributing to their power shortages induced by the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant going offline.  They can’t easily share power between west and east Japan without special converters.

When I become ruler of the earth I’m going to standardize things.  A few that readily come to mind:

  1. There are going to be 4 oil filters. Small, medium, large and extra large
  2. All phones, cameras, dohikeys and small electronic devices will all use a universal power supply interchangeable between any of them. It will simply tell the device how much current is available. One wall wart for all your devices
  3. Same with Laptops. Universal power cords and chargers for them as well.
  4. All plugs for all countries will be the same with the same frequency, voltage and plug type.
  5. There will also only be one TV format – NTSC or PAL, but not both.
  6. Colors for turn signals on cars will also be standard. Why are some orange, and others are red. Makes no sense to me.

Of course as ruler of the world, I’ll dictate standards for other things that don’t make sense. Just like other ages in history (think Golden Age of Athens).  This will be known as the Virgil’s Great Age of Standardization.

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