2016: Virgil’s Five New Years Photo Resolutions

2016? Virgil, its not even Christmas yet? Well yeah, but I haven’t been fully successful with my 2015 goals. Its time to look to the future and get to work on 2016. Lets see if I can do better than a 2.75 out of 5 in 2016.


My 2015 goals last year were:
1. Stop giving a $#@! what other people think. (mostly fail +0.25)
2. Stay away from Social Media (fail +0.0)
3. Take more photographs and don’t worry (partial fail +0.5)
4. Blog Post Regularly (pass – barely +1.0)
5. Open my own Studio Space (pass +1.0)

I’ll give myself a 2.75 rating out of 5.  Not so hot, but hey, I at least moved forward and didn’t sit idle all year. There is also some really good news, my stretch goal of having my own studio is now a reality. I really didn’t think that would happen, but due to some good fortune and joining in with a fantastic group of local photographers its now a reality.

I could analyze last years goals, but heck, I’m not working on them anymore.  Perhaps I’ll make several smaller posts talking about them.  Or perhaps, I’m not giving a $#@! what anyone thinks (#1 goal of last year). Either way dwelling on last years isn’t going to help me in 2016.  I need to push forward with five goals for 2016 and see how I do.  Ready?

Apollo/Saturn V Rocket motor - Cape Canaveral - D90 f3.5 iso 720 18mm 1/60th (18-55kit)
Apollo/Saturn V Rocket motor – Cape Canaveral

Virgil’s 2016 Goals:

1. Move from mid-tier photographer to high-end
2. Get my photography business “catalog ready”
3. Blog Post Regularly
4. Start a Model and Photographer Podcast
5. Stretch Goal: Get into a catalog

With my goal #3 of posting more regularly, I’m going to make individual micro posts on each goal for 2016.  Stay tuned.  And…  since I don’t post all the time, subscribe to get an email notification of new posts.  Click the envelope button on the sidebar and you’ll receive an email telling you I have an article waiting for you.

Finally a model for your viewing pleasure:





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