Beach Shoot in November?

Nahh, this was not really in November, that’s just to suck you in.  These photos are from a beach shoot in mid September with one of my favorite long time models Jlynne (MM2235484) at Odiorne Point State Park. If you are a model or photographer reading this, I delivered these photos same week, I just haven’t posted them on my own site. Man have I been busy, but that’s not new for me if you are a regular reader of my blog (click on the email icon on the right sidebar to signup to get email updates when I post new articles).

20150917-1831_DSC_1997-EditFor some time now I’ve been a little slow in the model shooting department. Looking back at all my recent posts, I see I’ve pretty much only been shooting 5K road races. Many of the races and walks were for charity, but I think I’m wrapping up that chapter of my photography for a little while. I’ve enjoyed it, learned a ton, but its time to get back to some of my other goals.

20150917-1844_DSC_2098-EditOne of the biggest things to happen to my photography in quite some time is having the privileged of joining the “Seacoast Photographers Studios of Dover” with its expansion into a Dover, NH location. We just signed our new lease in downtown Dover with at 1600 sq foot studio space in one of the premiere mill buildings. I can’t tell you how excited I am for winter. In addition to an absolutely stunningly beautiful studio, the mill building is huge with all kinds of additional cool shooting nooks and crannies.

20150917-1851_DSC_2112-EditMy goals with the new studio are to take my personal photography to the next level. Some things in the works for me:

  • Work on model shoots and in particular posing
  • Create an interview Model / Photographer podcast
  • Produce photography for a local clothing line helping them expand.
  • Continue select charity / non-profit work.

20150917-1804_DSC_1846-EditThat’s if for now. Pictures of the new Studio and a ton of new information on the way. If you are a Model looking to expand your portfolio and interested in one of my projects or want to book a shoot send me a message using my “contact” link at the top of the page. You can also find me on Model Mayhem (MM2417145) – although Model Mayhem seems to be slowly on the way out, I’ve been there since 2011 shooting models and have

a solid portfolio.

20150917-1808_DSC_1866-EditLastly, I’ll post a set of “Photo Shoot Notes” for this shoot in the next few days.  Again the best way to keep up with my articles is to simply sign up for an email alert using the mail icon on the right sidebar.  I also post new articles to Facebook and you can find me on Instagram under m51photo.


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