Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

This is an amazing video lecture about population and resources. It’s so good that I’m suggesting it as my number one pick on the subject of limited resources. You don’t have to watch it, just listen to it in the background, but please please watch or listen to it.  It’s worth the time. Be patient though, because the first two parts are a little slow, but he is going somewhere with it, I promise. I provided links to all 8 parts to make your life easy, but it’s all direct from Youtube. The whole video says we’re basically out of time because we’re 99% of the way there and don’t realize it because we don’t under stand exponential growth. I really can’t do it any justice so please watch Dr Bartlett for yourself.

Dr. Albert A Bartlett, Department of Physics, University of Colorado Bolder

Part 1 — 9 minutes long (also embedded above)
Part 2 — 9 minutes long
Part 3 — 9 minutes long
Part 4 — 9 minutes long
Part 5 — 9 minutes long
Part 6 — 9 minutes long
Part 7 — 9 minutes long
Part 8 — 9 minutes long

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