Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr? Didn’t I give them up for 2015?

I added links on my sidebar to brand new Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages for m51photo.com.

Did you see my 2015 new years resolutions?  “#2 Stay Away from Social Media“.  So how can I have broken down before the end of the January and be back on the social media train?

Natalia Lynn – Nikon D7000 1/200th f11 ISO 200 42mm (Nikon 24-70 f2.8)
(click for larger view)

I didn’t really break down. I’m not looking at social media unless I need to for a legit reason. Meaning, its not social for me, I’m using it as a tool.

The reason I’m publishing on these sites is simple.  I’m trying to make it easy for you to find out when I post something new. For now I’ve added three popular social media sites. Which one lasts the test of time, we’ll see. It all depends on how much effort it is to update three extra locations every time I make a blog post.

I’m still feeling good about my new years resolution. I’m happily adding new and original content to the worlds knowledge base. I’m also not trying to drive my friends to my site anymore, I want organic growth from people that enjoy my blog and want to read my content. Maybe what I’m after is a judgement free zone?

Anyway, if you like my content and want another way to stay up to date “like” my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or Tumblr. Alternatively you can simply visit my blog now and then… or use my RSS feed to keep up to date without all the social media.


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