I’m on Sabbatical – Update Jan 2013

Sometimes you need to step back and take big long break to figure out what your next steps are. At the university level they call this a sabbatical. More power to professors that can do this. Its a really good thing in that you get to figure out what you want to do next. In the working world, you never have this opportunity. Its either called getting laid off, where you life turns upside down and stress rises from lack of money. Or you change jobs. But you never really get the time to sort things out.

Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra – Nikon D700 1/200th f2.8 ISO 1000 135mm (70-200 VRII)
Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra – Nikon D700 1/200th f2.8 ISO 1000 135mm (70-200 VRII)

Since I don’t feed my family with Photography, I can turn it off at will for the most part. Its a part-time business for me. I still did a few gigs over the last few months, but really I just went into hiding for a little while. Spending precious time with my family.

I’m currently deciding how to shape my blog for 2013. I went into writing a blog to give back. Give information back to the collective of the world thats known as the internet. One reason I’m not doing tons of stuff on Facebook or Twitter is because by putting my information on my own blog, I can keep the content long term and its able to be found by search engines. Search engines this year and search engines 10 years from now.

For 2013 I want to concentrate on even more technical articles. Things I’ve been learning along the way that offer value to you like lighting on the cheap and other articles that become concise reference points. So please check back soon. Add my newsreader RSS feed or follow me on twitter. No, Twitter is not a contradiction, I only post links to new articles I’ve written, not what I ate that day. As always any feedback that you want to send my way is always appreciated.


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