Whats in a Month?

What the heck happened to June? Where the heck have I been? Where haven’t I been? I love the good weather and its been really hard to balance a full time career, family and a part time photo business (more on the not-for-profit business part of it another time).

Jlynne3 MM2235484 - D700 F4 ISO200 - Studio Stobes 70mm (24-70)
Jlynne3 MM2235484 – D700 F4 ISO200 – Studio Stobes 70mm (24-70)

Early in the month I did a shoot with one of my favorite models Jlynne3 (MM2235484) – click on the photo to see more of her. Notice any handy photoshop work here? The goal is not to notice it, but…. Dave Dawson over at Sopho a while back talked to me about whitening the eyes. At the time I had been doing a blanket + exposure in Lightroom on the entire eyeball. Devil eyes as he called it was not good. If you look at the photo above, I bet you are thinking I whitened the eyes. Nope… The whites are natural exposure, minus the removal of a few veins that everyone has, but the white and exposure of the white is unchanged. If anything I think they look too bright, but all the work was done on the iris (the color part) – six or seven steps in Photoshop getting it just right. Still I might have overdone it a little.

PSO - D700 F4 1/60th ISO1800 Available Light(click to see larger)
PSO – D700 F4 1/60th ISO1800 Available Light
(click to see larger)

Over at the Portsmouth Music Hall I got backstage with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra again. This time, armed with my Nikon D700 and my very best pro glass, I got to take a new series of shots. The orchestra even bigger this time. That’s a story unto itself, but lets just say I’m loving my D700, but I’m disliking the shutter noise in a setting like this. Click on the photo above to see more photos of the PSO.

Market Square 10K - D700 f5.6 1/1600th ISO500 200mm
Market Square 10K – D700 f5.6 1/1600th ISO500 200mm

This year the timing of races just hasn’t been working out well for me. Above is the Portsmouth 35th Market Square 10K. I really wanted to do better than last year, but just didn’t do any of the planning or setup – so I knew I was going to just go shoot it for the fun of it and then work on a few techniques such as panning. One thing that did work out splendidly though was the D700 and my 70-200 VRII lens using spot metering. Oh so so superb. BTW I edited the race photo above with Capture NX-II just because I wanted to see how it’s preforming compared to Adobe Lightroom 4.

I also did a shoot with Larry of Lionfish Photography at his studio and model Jade Vixen (MM32777). I’m so far behind that I have not had a chance to edit those photos, but I’m really really excited to get to work on them. Larry is someone that I’ve wanted to shoot with for a long time, and without a doubt I’m outclassed by him, so it was a real pleasure and a great learning experience. Thanks Larry for putting on a group shoot!


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