Where is Virgil?

I’m still here.. Still alive…


Whats this photo have to do with this post.  Nothing at all, just something to catch your attention. Just to assure you I’m really alive this is what I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks:

I’m thinking of doing a photo 365 project starting in mid June. I’ll be posting it here and on my pro-photo site (see my links in the header).

I am also ramping up my cardio and I think I want to 5K road race, but with a twist – at a pace of 6 min miles. If I can do that I can actually win some of them. 5 minutes and you can win most, but I would be so incredibly happy with 6 minute miles its not even funny. I’m not sure that I can actually achieve that pace, but I’ll know as I start to turn up the dial on the treadmill over the next several weeks. I do know for certain I’m going to have to measure my progress in months.

Stay tuned….


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