Shoot Notes: How I shot Paddy’s 5 Miller Race

This was a challenging shoot and I had a great time doing it, but it was a tough shoot to pull off. Temp’s in the 20’s with 20mph sustained winds that were gusting to 40mph. I discuss the gear and some of the editing I did. Why I shoot RAW and a little info on white balance. Looking for the race photos? There is a link off this article to find them.

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Is it time to Clean Your DSLR Sensor?

When I processed my Nubble lighthouse photos on my Nikon D7100 I realized, dang Virgil, your sensor is dirty, get that thing cleaned.

Is your sensor dirty right now? Does it need to be cleaned? How do you know it needs to be cleaned? In this article I talk about how to determine when its time to get your sensor cleaned and I’ll talk about the options for getting it done.

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